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About Our Firm

Aggressive AND Compassionate.

If you have been injured in the New York City or North Jersey area, you need an aggressive law firm fighting by your side.  The Law Firm of Hunt & Associates will fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.   We will not rest until justice is served for you. And there is no cost to you – we do not get paid unless we successfully obtain a recovery for you.

We take pride in “fighting for the little guy” and never take an assembly-line approach to personal injury and accident claims. This means that clients always have direct contact with lawyers, even within minutes of your first call.

We are not a high-volume law firm, so we are able to stay laser-focused on your case and aggressively represent your interests. We give you our undivided attention – the attention you deserve.

We are also compassionate and understand the physically and emotionally draining aspects of being injured.  In many cases, the medical bills may be piling up, while at the same time you are missing work and losing pay.  We know this can put a tremendous strain on you and your loved ones.  Our staff can assist you in getting medical bills resolved so you can sleep easier at night. And we fight to make sure you receive every penny of lost salary and wages you may have experienced as a result of an injury.  We will help guide you through this process – you are  NOT alone.

Hunt & Associates has earned an undisputed track record of success by obtaining recoveries for injured accident victims and their families.

Our accident attorneys have extensive experience with pedestrian car accidents, bicycle accidents, slip and falls, motorcycle accidents, construction accidents, and wrongful death cases.

Our track record of success

  • Obtained the maximum insurance policy limits settlement for the wrongful death of a pedestrian struck by a vehicle.
  • Multi-million dollar settlement on behalf of an auto accident victim who sustained Traumatic Brain Injury.
  • Represented an injured party under the state's Dram Shop Act.  The action involved an auto vehicle accident and we were able to obtain a substantial settlement on behalf of our client.
  • Substantial six-figure settlement for a client who tripped and fell on a defective New York City sidewalk
  • Obtained a substantial settlement for a young girl who suffered permanent injuries as a result of being bitten by a dog.
  • Obtained  substantial six-figure settlement for a client who fractured a hip after a slip and fall in a restaurant
  • Obtained a substantial six-figure settlement for a injured motorcycle rider 
  • Obtained a six-figure settlement for a worker who fell off of a scaffold at work
  • Recovered half-a-million dollars for a construction worker who fell off of a ladder at construction site
  • Substantial settlement for cyclist hit by car while crossing street in Brooklyn
  • Obtained substantial six-figure settlement for client who slipped and fell at large grocery store chain
  • Obtained six-figure settlement for client who suffered a fractured wrist after a slip and fall at a Brooklyn catering hall 
  • Successfully resolved lawsuit for a pedestrian client who was struck by a car in New York City
  • Obtained six-figure settlement for bicycle rider injured after being attacked by a dog

Our Practice Areas include, but are not limited to:

We provide effective, aggressive legal representation to ensure that you are treated fairly and justly. To put our experience and tradition of client service to work for you, contact us for a free consultation. Contact us by calling 866-456-HUNT or fill out our online contact form and we will contact you immediately. Hablamos Español.


Hunt & Associates, LLC is committed to answering your questions about Slips and Falls, Construction Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, and Pedestrian / Bicycle Accident law issues in New York and New Jersey.

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