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What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident in NYC

Posted by James Hunt | Oct 25, 2021

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident in NYC

Property owners and managers in New York City must take reasonable steps to ensure that their properties are safe for visitors and guests and, sometimes, the general public. If an injury occurs due to unsafe property conditions, it is a case that falls under premises liability laws and is sometimes called a “slip, trip, and fall” accident. Knowing what to do in the aftermath is essential to protecting your legal rights.

Below, a slip, trip, and fall accident lawyer in NYC from Hunt & Associates, LLC outlines the five most critical steps you should take after an accident:

Step 1. Seek Immediate Medical Attention

It is vital to seek medical attention in New York City if you sustain an injury in a slip, trip, and fall accident. Bear in mind that many injuries can take time to appear. For example, if you strike your head while falling, you may initially sustain a concussion without realizing it.

Even if you do not believe you are suffering from an injury, it is critical to see a doctor immediately. At Hunt & Associates we know all too well that you do not want even a minor injury to become more severe due to delayed treatment. Additionally, demonstrating that you sought medical attention shows you took every possible step to avoid worsening injuries after a slip, trip, and fall accident.

Step 2. Obtain Accident Records & Witness Information

Depending on the location of a slip and fall accident, there is a good chance that other people witnessed it. Collect the contact information of any witnesses after your slip, trip, and fall accident if you are well enough to do so. You may need to call upon these individuals if someone challenges your version of the events.

Additionally, you must obtain photographs of the accident scene and of the particular hazard you tripped on as soon as possible. In some cases, property owners address the issue that caused the accident after it occurs, making it difficult for a slip, trip, and fall victim to establish that they were negligent in any way.

You should also call the police so that the police create a police report that can be obtained afterwards.  If you are so injured that you are taken in an ambulance, then you will need to obtain the ambulance/EMT report which may have important information to assist in handling your case.

When you return home, find a secure space to store all of the clothing and shoes you were wearing at the time of the accident. Some slip, trip, and fall accident cases in New York City can utilize forensic evidence from clothing or shoes.

Step 3. Notify the Property Owner or Manager of the Slip, Trip, and Fall Accident

Notifying the property owner or property manager is also very important. Ideally, you should inform the property owner, manager, or landlord of the slip, trip, and fall accident while you are still on-site, unless you are severely injured and cannot do so. Ensure that you also request that they prepare a written incident report outlining the details of the incident.

It is worth noting that property owners and store managers do usually create an accident report as evidence of the event. Various individuals review this report, including insurance companies, police, lawyers, such as Hunt & Associates, LLC, and corporate offices. Stick to the facts of the slip, trip, and fall case and head to the nearest emergency room in New York City

Step 4. Don't Make Any Statements to Anyone

Following a slip and fall accident, the property owner or an insurance company may attempt to contact you. While it can be challenging to maintain your cool, you must remain calm and avoid making any statements. The property owner or insurance company is not your friend and does not have your best interests in mind – rather, their sole mission is to decrease their own responsibility, minimize your injuries, and pay out as little as possible.

Additionally, do not post about the slip, trip, and fall accident on social media. Again, you may be upset following the accident, and thus, you may want to vent your frustration. You should also note post any photos or videos of yourself that the insurance company can use against you – like dancing, jumping, working out, or carrying your children. The insurance company for the property owner will scour the internet looking for your social media posts, and if they see those, they will think you must not be that injured if you are on social media dancing or working out.  Avoid giving in to this impulse, and contact Hunt & Associates, LLC instead.

The only people with whom you should discuss the slip, trip, and fall accident in detail are your physicians and lawyer.

Step 5. Speak with a Slip, Trip, and Fall Lawyer in NYC

After attending to your medical needs and gathering all necessary documentation, contact an experienced slip, trip, and fall lawyer in NYC. You should contact an attorney as soon as possible to protect your case early on. If you hire a personal injury attorney sooner rather than later, they can build your claim adequately and protect your rights to get you the compensation you deserve.

Additionally, you must take the statute of limitations into account. If you wait an extended period before contacting a personal injury attorney at Hunt & Associates, LLC, it may be too late to file a lawsuit.

Hunt & Associates, LLC Will Fight For Your Rights After a Slip, Trip, and Fall Accident

Handling a slip, trip, and fall case in NYC is no easy task, especially when you are injured and trying to recover physically. A results-focused and experienced premises liability lawyer in New York can help you establish the value of your case while proving your losses to opposing parties. Get a Free Case Evaluation with Hunt & Associates, LLC by calling (866) 456-HUNT or directly sending us a private message.

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