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10 Types of Slip-and-Fall Accidents in NYC

Posted by James Hunt | Oct 25, 2021

10 Types of Slip-and-Fall Accidents in NYC

Serious injuries can occur if a property owner or manager does not maintain the property in a reasonably safe manner or post sufficient warning of present or potential dangers. These types of incidents are called slip-and-fall accidents, which fall under New York's premises liability laws. Victims can establish the owner's negligence and liability for the accident by filing a slip-and-fall claim or lawsuit.

Below, a personal injury lawyer at Hunt & Associates, LLC describes 10 types of slip-and-fall accidents in NYC:

1. Broken or Damaged Sidewalks

Pedestrians are rarely looking down, and when they do, they are frequently on their phones. A person may be walking at such a fast pace that when their foot comes into contact with a broken section of pavement, they slip and fall. A piece of unstable concrete may appear stable until you step on it and lose your balance. In New York City, property owners have a duty to maintain the sidewalks adjacent to their property, and must repair any damaged sidewalks that could cause a dangerous hazard.

Hunt & Associates, LLC would help you prove your case if broken, damaged, or defective sidewalks played a role. 

2. Environmental Conditions

Slip-and-fall incidents frequently occur as a result of the environmental conditions in which you work. While OSHA cites slips-and-fall accidents in the workplace as a leading cause of workplace accidents, visitors to a property may also face a situation due to the property's environment. Environmental factors such as litter on the floor, insufficient lighting, slippery substances like oil or grease, cords left lying on the floor, and open cabinets or drawers contribute to slip-and-fall accidents in NYC.

While you may be working at the time, you may not be at your work site. For example, many injuries occur when a delivery person is unloading items at a warehouse or office building to drop off, and they may not be familiar with the area. If there is a defect in the flooring, sidewalk, or parking lot, or any wet or slippery surfaces that should have been cleaned up, a delivery person might slip and be injured as a result.

Take pictures of the accident scene. Hunt & Associates, LLC will use this as evidence if property owners push back against your allegations.

3. Handrails That Are Loose

A handrail that is damaged or missing can necessitate the assistance of an accident attorney.  A property owner or manager has an obligation to repair a defective handrail. On stairs, the majority of people rely on handrails for stability.

A person may lose their balance if a railing is damaged. However, other factors such as poor structural integrity may contribute to an injury; worn material around a handrail may also cause it to give way. Additionally, insufficient lighting can play a significant role.

4. Medical Facility Neglect

One of the most avoidable types of slip-and-fall accidents occurs in medical facilities. Frequently, patients in nursing homes or hospitals in New York City struggle to stand independently, and they may have difficulty balancing on their own. These patients are known to be unstable, and the doctors and facilities treating them should know that they need additional help and fall protocols to prevent injuries.

Many of these patients are elderly, accounting for a portion of the three million elderly adults who will receive treatment in emergency rooms for slip-and-fall accident injuries. These slip-and-fall accidents are often fatal, resulting in broken bones or fractures, complicating the nursing home or hospital stay.

5. Potholes

Potholes are depressions in the surface of a road caused by weather, salt buildup, or oil. Frequently, they occur due to water expanding and contracting, as is often the case in New York City. Potholes are a sign of poor maintenance because they cause cars to lose control and injure other drivers.

Potholes are also a potential source of injury for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. Cities, counties, and the state must take adequate steps to prevent slip-and-fall accidents from happening on public property, and Hunt & Associates can help you determine the next steps of your case if the government played a role.

6. Unsafe Stairways

Inadequate lighting, missing or damaged steps, slippery steps and objects, loose tiles panels, rotting wood, and damaged concrete can result in serious injuries on steps. Falling down a stairwell is more dangerous than slipping on a flat surface.

A property owner or manager has an obligation to ensure that the stairways and steps on their property is reasonably safe and free of any dangers or defects.  This is especially the case where steps are near a high-traffic area, are in a location where water or slippery substances are known to collect, or are outside and therefore subject to weather conditions like rain, snow or ice.  Because of the height of some stairways, a nasty fall down the steps can cause severe injury. 

7. Loose Rugs and Carpets

Loose rugs and carpets are a leading cause of falls in people 65 years and older. These incidents can happen at a business or public location. Under a rug or carpet, pads or grippers can aid in its stabilization. Trip hazards can also be caused by uneven carpeting with raised areas. A torn carpet can catch a person's foot, resulting in a fall. Any carpeting defects should be repaired by property owners immediately in New York City.

8. Violations of Safety Codes

In many premises liability cases, violations of safety codes are cited. Federal, state, and local regulations establish standards for building construction. Offenses that could be dangerous include stairwells with broken or missing railings, crumbling steps, uneven curbs, inadequate lighting, a lack of slip-resistant mats, and failure to remove snow and ice. Code violations can occur in various settings, from public spaces to offices to rental units, and Hunt & Associates, LLC will analyze your case to determine if they exist.

9. Weather Conditions Like Snow & Ice

Bad weather conditions frequently result in slip-and-fall accidents. Conditions such as rain, snow, ice, flooding, and falling tree limbs following a storm can exacerbate the dangers of the walkways. During the winter months, slip and fall accidents caused by snow and ice on sidewalks, parking lots, and stairways are very frequent.  Property owners and managers, especially those at high-traffic areas like retail stores and grocery stores, have a legal duty to ensure the safety of their floors, walkways, sidewalks, steps, and parking lots.

10. Wet Floors

It is particularly tragic that wet floors are such a common cause of slip-and-fall accidents, as these types of incidents are perhaps the most easily preventable. Wet floors can occur as a result of leaking equipment, accidental spills, or simple lack of due diligence and cleaning up. If a store owner has a freshly mopped floor, they must post adequate signage for customers and guests and warn them of the immediate danger.

Hunt & Associates Protects Slip-and-Fall Injury Victims in New York City

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